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Comma PowerPoint includes a companion handout Language

Comma PowerPoint includes a companion handout Language


Comma PowerPoint (includes a companion handout) | Language arts, Language and Common cores

Theme PowerPoint- includes a companion handout! An Introduction PowerPoint that can be used when

Capitalization PowerPoint (includes a companion handout) | Writing ideas, Sentences and Language

Suffixes PowerPoint- this introductory level suffixes PPT focus on 5 common suffixes... -er, -est, -ful, -less, -able! The file contains a 51-slide ...

Punctuating Titles PowerPoint (includes a companion handout)

Figurative Language PowerPoint

Pronouns PowerPoint

Writing Strong Narrative Endings PowerPoint- Give your students 7 ending possibilities for their stories!

Includes a companion handout, too! Advanced Suffixes PowerPoint- This 70-slide PowerPoint begins with a review of 5 common


PowerPoint focusing on action verbs, linking verbs, and helping verbs. Contains a matching handout!

Modal Auxiliary Verbs PowerPoint- perfect for teaching CCSS L.4.1.C. It includes 90 slides and a companion handout that students write on as you progress ...

FREE Idioms PowerPoint and companion handout when you sign up for my newsletter. 44-

Cover the 4th grade geometry standards with this math PowerPoint. It includes a 7-

Context Clues PowerPoint (4th, 5th, and 6th grade)

Singular Possessives PowerPoint


Geometry PowerPoint for 3rd Grade

Capitalization PowerPoint (includes a companion handout) | Writing ideas, Sentences and Language

... Comma PowerPoint (includes a companion handout)

Perfect Verb Tenses: PowerPoint

Nonrestrictive Elements Comma PPT Nonrestrictive Elements Comma PPT

... Note-taking worksheet for Comma Powerpoint Presentation

Text Evidence PowerPoint

... Using Commas in Sentences Mini Powerpoint Game

... Prepositions, and Interjections PPT & Notes

Comma Powerpoint and Task Cards Bundle Comma Powerpoint and Task Cards Bundle

... End Marks and Commas PowerPoint and Student Notes Newly Revised

Commas Powerpoint and Guided Notes

... Commas in Introductory Phrases Printable Worksheet, Grade 5

... Comma Rules: A Bundle of Activities

Commas Powerpoint Commas Powerpoint

Comma PowerPoint: Comma Mystery Comma PowerPoint: Comma Mystery

Correct Use of Commas and Comma Splicing Resource Pack - PowerPoint, Worksheet / Activity Sheets

... Punctuation Mini Unit: Commas (PowerPoint + packet w/ practice + quiz)

Comma PowerPoint Comma PowerPoint

... Comma Splice, Run on Sentence PowerPoint and Practice Activities

Commas Powerpoint and Guided Notes

... Commas PowerPoint Grade 4 Rules and Practice

... Daily Language Review PPT-Editable, 4th grade Writing Test Prep/STAAR

Commas in a Series Worksheet / Activity Sheet - Grammar, English, list, Separate

A FREE Grammar PowerPoint

Revise and Edit Review Powerpoint Revise and Edit Review Powerpoint

... Comma Rules Activities - Worksheets, Powerpoint & Answer Key

Compound Sentences Powerpoint

... Commas in a Series or a Date Powerpoint

Homophone PowerPoint Homophone PowerPoint

... Introduction to Commas PowerPoint for 1st or 2nd Grade

Literary Genres PowerPoint

; 9.

... Comma Chaos Pack {Common Core Grades 1-3}

... Commas Complete Unit - Lessons, Assessments, Keys - Grammar Ninja

Benchmark Advance ELA PowerPoint Companion - Second Grade

Commas to the Rescue Differentiated Worksheet / Activity Sheets - Writing, Commas, List,

... L.5.2 Comma PowerPoint Lesson - 25 Slides On How to Use A Comma Correctly


... Commas in a Series (List) PowerPoint - Grammar Ninja Rules

... Punctuation PowerPoint {EDITABLE} for Grades 1 - 6


Parts of Speech FREE Parts of Speech FREE

... Comma Rules Unit - Video, PowerPoint, Notes, Homework, Quizzes, and Test

Commas Commas

Commas PowerPoint Commas PowerPoint

... Interrogative Types of Sentences: Declarative, Imperative, Exclamatory, Interrogative

Using Commas to Clarify Meaning Application Worksheet / Activity Sheet - GPS, commas, clarify

Commas Matter- A *FREE* Grammar -NO PREP- Worksheet!

Punctuation Powerpoint. Punctuation
Ellen Connor
2nd Grade Language ...

; 8.

... 12.

Inverted Commas Rules PowerPoint

UKS2 Use Brackets, Dashes or Commas to Indicate Parenthesis Resource Pack

Inverted Commas Leon and Aisha Differentiated Worksheet / Activity Sheet Pack - GPS, direct speech

(3) Preview

PlanIt Y4 SPaG Lesson Pack: Inverted Commas - GPS, speech marks, direct speech

(9) Preview

... 10.

Using Semicolons and Colons PowerPoint - semicolons, colons, powerpoint

(1) Preview

Look at the sentences on your handout. Work with your buddy partner ...

(2) Preview

Inverted Commas (Speech Punctuation) Worksheet / Activity Sheets - Homework SPaG Worksheet / Activity

; 7.

PlanIt Y5 SPaG Lesson Pack: Using Commas to Clarify Meaning - GPS, commas,


Draw the Sentence Differentiated Activity Sheet Pack

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