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Dragons 18041815 pl 962 French Napoleonic Dragoons

Dragons 18041815 pl 962 French Napoleonic Dragoons


Cuirassiers 1804-1815 (pl 46) 1

Dragons 1804-1815 (pl 25) 2

Dragons 1804-1815 (pl 25) 1

... Jourdan Dress (1), Augereau Ceremonial Dress (2), dismounted Dress (3), Davout Dress 1808-15 (4),Baton (7), 1804 - 1815 (Plate 100a)

Dragons 1804-1815 (pl 20)1 · Napoleon FrenchFrench ...

Dragons 1804-1815 (pl 20)2. French ArmyNapoleonic ...

Napoleon's Dragoons of the Imperial Guard 1-Sous-officier, grande tenue 1810 2

French; Imperial Guard, Dragoon(The Empress' Dragoons) Regt, Dragoons, Full Dress

SOLDIERS- Rousselot: NAP- France: Dragons 1804-1815 (pl 25)

Dragons 1804-1815 (pl 96)2 · French RevolutionNapoleonic ...

SOLDIERS- Rousselot: NAP- France: Artillerie a pied 1804-1815 (pl 66)1

French; 30th Dragoons, Sappers by L.Rousselot

French; Imperial Guard, Dragoon(The Empress' Dragoons) Regt, Dragoons,. Napoleon ...

Russian cavalry, 1807, plate by R. Knotel From left to right: Officer of the Pavlograd Hussars Trooper of the Isum Hussars Trooper of the Livonian Dragoons

Etat-major et aides de camp 1803-1815 (pl 81) 2

Marechaux 1804-1815 (pl 100) 2

Napoleon's Dragoons of the Imperial Guard

Empress Dragoons

Chasseurs a cheval 1804-1815 (pl 97) 2. Napoleonic ...

Histoire d'un "conscrit" de 2011: Dragons à pieds · Napoleon FrenchFrench ...

French cavalry, ca. 1870


Dragons 1804-1815 (pl7)2. Napoleonic WarsMilitary UniformsWaterloo 1815 French ...

French Marines 1815 (pl 2 by Lucien Rousselot

SOLDIERS- Benigni: NAP- France: French Carabinier, trumpeter major of Regiment, by Pierre Benigni.

French; 12th Dragoons, Elite Company, Dragoon, Tenue de Campagne, 1806.

Napoleonic Wars, American Revolution, Military Uniforms, La Grande, 18th, 19th Century, Ligers, French People, Planks

French; Imperial Guards, 3rd Dutch Grenadier Regiment, Officers in Grande Tenue, 1812

Inffanterie de ligne 1804-1815 (pl 62) 1 · Napoleonic WarsArmourFrench ...

Dragons 1808. Napoleonic ...

French; 12th Chasseurs a Cheval, Officer, August 1812 based on the "Manuscrit

Leroux - Histoire du costume 1810-1812 - Les costumes militaires -1812 - 5eme. Napoleonic ...

Favorite Napoleonic cavalry - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History

Dragons 1804-1815 (pl 86) 2. Napoleonic ...

French; Imperial Guard, Dragoon Regiment, Officer, 1810. Napoleonic ...

French Hussar Regiments - Table of Uniforms

French; 15th Dragoons, dragoon uniformed for dismounted duty. 1805. At this time, due to a shortage of horses, some Dragoons found theirselves being used as ...

Pierre Benigni, Detaille's Pupil... - Page 4 - Armchair General and HistoryNet. Napoleon FrenchNapoleonic ...

NAP- France: French Dragoon Trumpeter 27th Regiment, by Eugène Leliepvre.

Carabiniers à Cheval officier (France)

French; 30th Dragoons, 1804 by H.Knotel

Dragons of Imperial Guard carrying the same sword pattern

Artillerie a cheval 1804-1815 (pl 36)2

Find this Pin and more on Napoleon's Cuirassiers by Scott Pryde.

French dragoons with a guide. Picture by Meissonier.

SOLDIERS- Churms: 9th Regiment Cuirassiers, 1809, by Mark Churms. Napoleonic WarsFrench ...

Garde Impériale - Chasseurs à cheval 1804-1815; Sous-officier, trompette et. French ArmyNapoleonic ...

French; 2nd Hussars, Brigadier Trumpeter & Adjutant, 1806 by Rene Louis. Napoleonic ...

Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best Forums in History

Les cavaliers de la Grande Armée :: 23ème Dragons · Napoleon FrenchCavalierMilitary ...

French Horse Artillery

20th Dragoons

Lancieri Rossi olandesi della guardia imperiale francese


French Dragoons of the Imperial Guard 1806-14

soldatini uniformi e storia militare: Lucien Rousselot - Carabiniers 1805-1810 · French ArmyNapoleonic ...

Hussars officiers 1804-1815 (pl 54) 1. Napoleonic WarsSoldiersPlanks

Hussars 1804-1812 (pl 22) 1

French; 1st Dragoons dragoon & 22nd Dragoons, Drummer on dismounted service 1806 by Eugene

Russian Dragoons Strange mix of old helmet (plume), new coat (single breast buttons). Also officers plume seems to be incorrectly depicted.

French; 14th & 13th Cuirassier Regts, Cuirssiers, Grande Tenue as per 1812 regulations

France-artillery officers riding the Imperial Guard. From left to right: officer in

Grenadiers a cheval 1804-1815 (pl 23) 2

Artiglieria a cavallo di linea 1804-1815 L. ROUSSELOT N° 36 (2

The French Imperial

Russian dragoons

French; Imperial Guard, Battalion of Marines, Capitaine de Frégate. ( Comandant un equipage ) Grande tenue - 1808-1809

SOLDIERS- Courcelle: NAP- France: French Cavalry Charge, by Patrice Courcelle. Napoleonic ...

Наполеоновские войны - Планшеты

Les grenadiers d'ile-de-france - Les grenadiers

Image credit is Historex NCO Color Card 634 - 612

Corazziere del 7, 9 o 10 reggimento corazzieri francesi nel 1807 · Napoleonic WarsFrench ...

Ufficiali dell'artiglieria a cavallo francese, 1804 - 1815

7115MhilqTL.jpg (962×1114)

Cavalleggeri olandesi della guardia imperiale, 1804-1815 · French Army Napoleonic ...

Aiutanti di campo francesi

Guard Cavalry 1812: Hussars (1,3), Cossacks (2,4

Napoleone, granatire a cavallo e gendarme d'élite della guardia imperiale francese. French GeneralFrench ArmyNapoleonic ...

Cacciatori a cavallo della guardia imperiale francese

Marshal Ney and the Imperial Guard cavalry on parade in Paris

French Scout Dragoons, by Patrice Courcelle.

Cavalleria francese · French ArmyNapoleonic ...

Sons of Mars - Charge of the French cavalry at the Battle of Austerlitz- by. Napoleonic ...

French; 31st Dragoons, Trumpeter, Grande Tenue, 1939 - pin by Paolo Marzioli

Infanterie legeree 1804-1813 (pl 5) 2

Trombe dei granatieri a cavallo della guardia imperiale, 1804 - 1815

French; Artillery a Pied, 1804-15

French; 1st Cuirassier Regt, Trumpeter, Grande Tenue, 1809-10. Napoleonic ...

The 'basic' Russian patterns of the pre-1812 and post-1812 periods

The French Imperial

Napoleonic French Cuirassier Epaulettes and plume ranks | Napoleon | Pinterest | Napoleonic wars

Warlord plastic french hussards of the 5th, painted by Francesco Thau

french line infantry batallion ranks | Napoleonic wars, Napoleon and History

French Cuirassier Uniforms and Equipment by Rousselot

Dragons, trompette & trompette major.

blackpen shop - Marshals and generals. Pict_Nap_004 · French ArmyNapoleonic ...

Dragoon Officer of the 21ème Régiment de Dragons