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How else could Beat Takeshi have reacted Kitano Takeshi

How else could Beat Takeshi have reacted Kitano Takeshi


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Tadanobu Asano and Takeshi Kitano. Planning to watch everything with these guys, love them

Takeshi Kitano

2001 Press Photo Takeshi Kitano Beat Takeshi in "Brother"

I interviewed Takeshi Kitano, aka "Beat" Takeshi, in spring of 2001 regarding "Brother," his first film shot on American soil. Kitano is arguably, still, ...

Here Kitano plays Nishi, a seasoned detective whose personal life has been clouded by misfortune – his daughter died at a very young age and his wife Miyuki ...

Beat Takeshi will be leaving his agency Office Kitano at the end of March to join his personal agency "T. N Gon" which was set up in autumn 2015 with his ...

How else could Beat Takeshi have reacted?!

Homophobic joke goes awry for Beat

Takeshi Kitano, So Young!

1 of 6. Takeshi Kitano ...

Ghost In The Shell "Aramaki" Behind The Scenes Japanese Interview - Takeshi Kitano

Getting Any? by Panorama by Beat Takeshi Kitano

Takeshi Kitano ghost in the shell

Director Spotlight Series: Takeshi Kitano #1 – “Violent Cop” and the dynamic character of violence

Japanese Icon Takeshi 'Beat' Kitano Boards 'Ghost In The Shell'

Takeshi Kitano 2017.jpg

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "annie simard" | #Beat Takeshi #Kitano, #Kippei Shiina, #Jun Kunimura, #Ryō Kase... | Pinterest

Chase Figure to be "Beat Takeshi" in "Glory to the Filmmaker!" - with dummy as accessory lol

Takeshi Kitano

"Beat"Takeshi Kitano

Ghost In The Shell Japan Premiere Event - 'Beat' Takeshi Kitano

(Hotel pt You can smack me in the head so I can get some laughs. Find this Pin and more on Kitano Takeshi ...


Takeshi Kitano

And from the varied color-treatment in the movie posters, it looked as if the blind swordsman wore different colored tunics - which can be translated into ...

How else could Beat Takeshi have reacted?! See More. from See Paris and die · Image result for takeshi kitano

I love Ginsberg & Gary Snyder, but this is still my favorite Beat. Find this Pin and more on Kitano Takeshi ...

best yakuza movies

“Beat” Takeshi Kitano Teases Possible Anime Project

Director: Takeshi Kitano

Ghost in the Shell casts a Japanese icon in a key role

Ghost In The Shell Star Calls Film The First Good Adaptation Of A Japanese Manga

Stone Faced Killer: Takeshi Kitano by R. Emmet Sweeney Takeshi Kitano has built a

Outrage Coda - Movie Review

A mixture of violence and humor in Takeshi Kitano's "Zatoichi"

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Hana-Bi - Takeshi Kitano, Joe Hisaishi (paintings scene)

In the late '70s, Japan's Takeshi Kitano became a comedic superstar under the name Beat Takeshi, performing with Kaneko Kiyoshi as "The Two Beats.

I was born.

Just a couple of GOATs

Takeshi "Beat" Kitano will play Daisuke Aramaki in the Hollywood adaptation of the anime classic.

... ...

But the reality is, "Sonatine" could well be the most iconic "yakuza-themed" character whose image of himself holding a gun and blowing his own brains out … ...

Apart from the few similarities that were discussed, as auteurs, Park and Kitano both have their own particular visual and narrative style in filmmaking.

Takeshi Kitano interview(Genius film director of Japan)

In the interest of abandoning all of his stylistic tropes and starting over, with a new cast, a new style, etc., Kitano may have backed up too far.

(Takeshi Kitano on the set of Zatoichi)

Director Kitano Takeshi Retrospective (27:14) A slightly misleading title for a featurette whose first 12 minutes consist of Japanese trailers for Kitano's ...

"Aniki Yamamoto" in "Brother", with puff-hair style and signature shades. Would be fun too if this figurine depicted him squatting down haha ...

My personal preference is his with his vest :)

Kitano as oddly named "Kitano" in "Battle Royale"

Suckas better recognize, because Takeshi Kitano is back, and he ain't suffering no fools. “Beyond Outrage” is the most violent and brutal of Kitano's body ...

Takeshi hopes to be included in 2020 Olympic opening ceremony - Japan Today

Violent Cop Blu-ray screen shot 2

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Violent Cop. ViolentCopPoster.jpg. Directed by, Takeshi Kitano

David Bowie & Takeshi Kitano w/ YMO in 1983 Japanese talk show

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Writing for The Village Voice in 1994, film critic J. Hoberman spotlighted a Japan Society screening of Takeshi Kitano's Sonatine , lamenting “Where are the ...

Hana bi (Fireworks) (1997). Nishi (played by “Beat” Takeshi Kitano) ...

Hana-Bi by Takeshi Kitano

Edmund Lee

“If I make a film starring Kitano, it will be Zatoichi. (Akira Kurosawa, quoted in Sugimura, 2003: 96).”(Karatsu)



Kitano in "Hana-Bi"

Essay Day - "Spaces of Transgression in Kenji Mizoguchi's Sansho the Bailiff and Takeshi Kitano's Sonatine"

Yakuza 6 to feature baddest Yakuza film dude of all time: Japanese actor Beat Takeshi 【Video】 | SoraNews24

Occasionally a filmmaker will achieve the sort of stature that allows them to make pretty much any film they want even late in their career.

Dolls, Takeshi Kitano

Takeshi Kitano. 2 of 6 ...


Hitting the Beat by Andrew Tracy. Zatoichi Dir. Takeshi Kitano ... ...

Edmund Lee

Violent Cop

The Cinema of Takeshi Kitano: Flowering Blood (Directors' Cuts)


As much a misfit as Masaki, Uehara is a force of understated and unpredictable nature in a Scarface shirt, whose acts of violence are rendered all the more ...