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Judge Dredd Companion compilation of Judge Dredd articles from

Judge Dredd Companion compilation of Judge Dredd articles from


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Judge Dredd Companion - compilation of Judge Dredd articles from White Dwarf.

Graduation Exercise - didn't know you needed the Klingon Box to use this,

Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd Companion - compilation of Judge Dredd articles from White Dwarf. | RPG Collection | Pinterest

JUDGE DREDD Boardgame (GW)


Predator versus Judge Dredd

The worrisome 2000s and the frankly terrifying 2010s were years away and yet Judge Dredd was shining an uncannily prescient light into the future.

42 issues in this volume Add Issue Reverse sort

Judge Dredd: The Role-Playing Game "

The Judge Dreed Roleplaying Game

Review Written by Doctormus Prime. Judge Dredd Vol.

Judge Dredd Megazine 318

Judge Dredd #13 Variant Edition sketch cover by Dave Ryan

Top Dogs - Judge Dredd and Johnny Alpha, aka Strontium Dog, together in Judgement Day art by Carlos Ezquerra

Issue #39

... Judge Dredd tales do. Enlarge Image!

All too often, Dredd's brutality is excused as "necessary" or with the justification of 'he's harsh but fair'. Other than harsh, he is none of these things.

Judge Dredd: "Put down your weapons and prepare to be judged." Comic

Judge Dredd Megazine Issue 350 cover by Brian Bolland

Judge Armitage (centre) (painted by Sean Phillips)

Publication. Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection

A headshot picture of Judge Dredd, wearing his helmet and with a view of Mega

Habille Joseph Dredd · JudgesPaper ...

Judge Dredd #4 from IDW Publishing

Judge Dredd: Inferno

Judgement Day

Multiver-City One: Jump Onboard With 2000 AD Prog 1973 – Multiversity Comics

Judge Dredd AC-3 THX WS NEW LaserDisc Stallone Lane Sci-Fi

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 05

Judge Dredd The role Playing Game Companion Games Workshop Hardback Book | eBay

Judge Dredd by Gregg Staples

Issue #40

Judge Anderson. From Wikipedia ...

Judgement is coming: A trailer for the new Judge Dredd film shows Karl Urban as

The Angel Gang breaking the fourth wall on the cover of 2000 AD prog 160, art by Mike McMahon. From left to right: Link Angel, Elmer "Pa" Angel, ...

Issue #35

In fact, discounting Fargo clone Judge Kraken, the Judda have only appeared in one story, Oz (progs 545–570, 1987-1988).

The Cursed Earth (Judge Dredd story) - Image: Judge Dredd Cursed Earth

Judge Dredd

Dredd. A futuristic police officer in armour and a helmet that covers all but his mouth stands

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Dredd [Archive] - Palaver - A forum for Stephen King fans & Book Collectors


... Batman and Judge Dredd. Both fighting for justice in cities of the future (mutated versions of New York), without superpowers but with a seemingly ...

Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! The future lawman investigates a case with connections to the dawn of the Judges in “The ...

... story Twilight's Last Gleaming built on the Democracy storylines begun years before by Wagner and his writing partner Alan Grant. Back then, Dredd had ...

Judge Dredd cover art.jpg

JUDGE DREDD Miniatures by Citadel

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This explicit link between Judge Dredd ...

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Judge Dredd: The Games Workshop Boardgame (1982)

Judge Rico

MR: Man, I've really enjoyed reading this trio. I'm sure Henry Flint has something to do with it, being one of the best comics artists around and all, ...

Judge Dredd: Block Judge, Part 4

So long, Mega-City Two (art by Chris Halls)

Judge Dredd

Megazine 398 Judge Dredd Megazine 398

Not only are these plans fully compatible with those in the awesome Slaughter Margin supplement, but they are also ...

More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! The lawman battles demons from a nightmare dimension in the epic Razorjack crossover “ ...

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Perhaps it's this combination of absurdity and violence which makes Judge Dredd easy to dismiss.

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Finally one of the Gibson strips, this actually starts the whole story from the fifth collection.



Issue #41

Mike Romeo: This week sees the end of “The Lion's Den, signaling the close of PJ Holden's latest run with ol' Joe Dredd. I gushed a little about Holden's ...

It's a double-header this week, as we've got both a new Prog and a new Judge Dredd Megazine, so let's get right to it!

Multiver-City One: 2000 AD Prog 1985 and Judge Dredd Megazine 373 – Multiversity Comics

Lawgiver (Judge Dredd). From Wikipedia ...

The movie version of JD also appeared in the new LAWMAN OF THE FUTURE fortnightly and a one-shot. You might also like: 1990: JUDGE DREDD ...

A chunky hardback book reprinting the famed Dredd saga America in full, along with associated back up stories. There are also a few background notes and ...

Judge Dredd". Pred vs Dred.jpg

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 01

Welcome Dredd-heads to another fluff update following on from the Organized Crime article. This time we delve into a part of the Dredd verse I really enjoy, ...

Dredd-2012-Teaser-Poster I first heard of Judge Dredd in ...

I ...

Batman There have been four Judge Dredd ...

Judge (2000 AD) - A 1988 poster of foreign Judges (illustrated by Brendan

It contains the forward by MacManus from above plus a bit about Dredd and Mega-City ...

Double Bill: Dredd (2012) & Judge Dredd (1995)

Not too shabby a collection, and all of them essential pieces of the Dredd mythology.

Origins (Judge Dredd story) - Image: Dredd Origins

How to make a Judge Dredd Costume

Here's an advance look at 2000AD Prog 2048, arriving in shops on Wednesday 13th September.

Notes :

... to be felt in Mega City One, over twenty years after its publication. No wonder this vital story was chosen to launch Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection.

Dredd movie review: Judge Dreadful is anything but comic | Daily Mail Online


JudgeDreddFigure. The second Judge Dredd ...