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Our newest addition quotGavaquot Pitbull boxer mix Things that make

Our newest addition quotGavaquot Pitbull boxer mix Things that make


Captain my pitbull boxer mix :)

My 6 month old puppy Pitbull / Boxer mix <3

boxer pitbull mix

Pitbull Boxer Mix

Boxer And Pitbull Mix Dogs

pitbull boxer... looks identical to my dog, Ginger <3

this will be my puppy! a box-a-shar, boxer, shar

Beautiful Brindle Pitbull Boxer Mix - Just like my Gator boy! Except Gator has floppier ears and lips

Boxer Mastiff

2 Cute pitbull boxer mix

My adorable Boxer mix- maybe pitbull, lab or american bulldog. Blue eyes are

Rocket the Bullboxer Pit (American Pitbull/Boxer mix) puppy at 5 months old. That smile reminds me so much of our our sweet Coco, she's the sweetest, ...

another box mix rescue is in our future someday when our Lilo gets older. Lilo's new sister will likely be called Pele.

Beautiful baby blue pit/boxer mix. Love these dogs. Got so much heart.

Pitbull Boxer mix <3 <3 THIS will be my dog when i have my own house. The two dogs i have loved since i was a kid in one!

beagle boxer mix

boxer and australian shepherd mix | Australian Shepherd-Boxer Mix | Dogs

My cousins husky/pit mix.

Westampton, NJ - Boxer Mix. Meet Bryson D-58843 **Pooch with

Our newest addition "Gava" (Pitbull boxer mix)

Adorable pit bull terrier/boxers mix

Boxer pit mix just like my Suzie. Sweetest dog ever.

5. Pit ...

boxer looking in distance

German shepard boxer mix puppy. If he had some white on his nose and in

Basket Full Of White Boxer Pit-bull Mix Puppies. I want them all!

How can you resist those facial expressions?


Boxer Pit Mix

my babygirl kaja #pitbull #boxer mix #dog #Cute #Puppy


german shepherd pitbull mix

My sweet little puppy, Duke! He is a German Shepard Boxer mix. (

Dog Lovers: Know The Best Dog Foods for Boxer Breed Dogs/Puppies

Meet Piper, our newest addition. 5 week old German shepherd pitbull mix

We are pitbulls.only thing dangerous about us is our gas!

11 Things I Realized After Adding A New Pup To My Pack

Betta Fish Tank Setup Ideas That Make A Statement! | Animal, Dog and Pit bull

My dog is a rodesian rigdeback but she is mixed with either boxer or pitbull .

Image Source: Elaine Moore via Flickr

german shepherd rottweiler mix

Balzac ...

This Quiz Will Tell You EXACTLY What Type Of Dog You Should Adopt

How to Raise Your Pitbull to Be Less Aggressive

Start preparing your boxer months before the new baby actually comes home

Image Source: Amy Via Flickr

german shepherd pitbull mix

Boxer Terrier | brindle boxer terrier mix ---our new Roxy Rose

Uploaded 2 years ago

Must-Haves For Your New Puppy's First Month At Home



Mastiff Pitbull Mix | Boxer/Mastiff/Pit Bull – Tawny | Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue | lovey-doveys | Pinterest | Pit bull, Animal and Dog

Shelter dog

Good manners make your dog a good member of society.

Your Pit Bulls.

Beagle/Pitbull mix!

German Shepherd vs Pitbull - Ultimate Clash

What are the Essential Nutrients does your Pitbull Needs?

Moe the brindle pitbull (if my two dogs had a baby it would look just like this - but they won't because they're spayed/neutered)

Bull Terrier Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts - Dogtime

Hole in my fence just became adorable! - Imgur

Mabel, a redbone coonhound/ boxer mix from Annapolis, Maryland. Uh yeah, that's my Mabel, as featured on the pages of Garden & Gun magazine!

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About Anne

I wrote this article about some of the things you should know about Goldens, because many of them end up in shelters, abandoned as soon as their owners have ...

Here's a bonus picture of Griffin, my non-aggressive, sweet and loyal Pit mix:

dog aggression - our adult dog is aggressive with our new puppy

4. Boxers come in various types of colouring including brindle, fawn and white

Boxer Shepherd Mix. My favorite.

17 Dogs Who Are Members Of The Dog Shaming Pittie Committee

7 Things About Your Dog's Anxiety That Will Help You Help Them

why are my dogs fighting?

This puppy looks a lot like Rocco. So cute! Said it was a mix pitbull and boxer, we were told Rocco is a pitbull and Shepard. Either way they are so cute.

Image titled Train a Pit Bull Step 1

7 Facts about Pitbull & Husky Mix (A.

10 Fun Facts about Bulldogs

Boxer dog not barking

Two Crucial Things To Know If Your Dog Bites Someone

Boxer dogs piling on each other

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Image Source: Andrew Bone Via Flickr

Image via Ariel Nichole Dehart

Introducing New Dogs To Your Pack. (A Recipe For Non-Disaster!)

The Pros And Cons Of Boarding Your Dog When You're On Vacation

Not all pit bulls are dangerous, obviously, but most U.S. dog attacks are committed

Partially Deaf Dog Barks So Loud Because She's Hoping A Forever Human Will Hear Her

Pit bull/chocolate lab mix


Captain my pitbull boxer mix :)

My 6 month old puppy Pitbull / Boxer mix <3

Pitbull Boxer Mix

The cutest puppy pitbull/boxer mix

My pitbull boxer mix puppy <3

boxer pitbull mix

This puppy looks so much like my Luna!

pitbull boxer mix looks just like my puppy

We rescued an abused dog, thought to be pitt bull/boxer.. Look at how darn cute the puppy is?? Oh my Cali.

this will be my puppy! a box-a-shar, boxer, shar

2 Cute pitbull boxer mix

beagle boxer mix

Our newest addition "Gava" (Pitbull boxer mix)

Basket Full Of White Boxer Pit-bull Mix Puppies. I want them all!