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Post in the NRC Posts I Love on Stiktu t

Post in the NRC Posts I Love on Stiktu t


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Stiktu recognizing my name tag

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CAA | Bibliothèque Design

Christoph Niemann's cover for the Huffington Post's new iPad magazine.

Once you download Stiktu, you'll surely spend lots and lots of hours coming up with remixed photos to share. If you manage to make a really good one, ...

... 55.

For the past year, Worth magazine design director Dean Sebring and illustrator Brian Stauffer have collaborated on a stunning series.


postagram postcard

I Love Dust

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The Modernist (UK)

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Stiktu In Stiktu, an augmented reality graffiti app, you scan objects around you, such as magazines, posters, or products, and then add text, stickers, ...

Weekend Kommersant (Russia)

Scan this cover with Stiktu - don't have Stiktu yet?

Remix the real world with Stiktu by Stiktu. Stiktu is a free app that lets

uppercase magazine

Eric Swayne at Proud: Mick Jagger, 1964