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Vicente Segrelles

Vicente Segrelles

MercenaryDemon's Isle by Vicente Segrelles from The Mercenary.


Vicente Segrelles - El Mercenario 14: El último día

Vicente Segrelles - El Mercenario

El Mercenario de Vicente Segrelles

Bleeder Artist: Gerald Brom

Homme en armure by ?

capaneus (vold)

For Lord of the Rings Online by Turbine Inc. Wes Burt

Now Boarding! by Josh Hutchinson

To break a bad habit, take leadership and believe in YOU. You created that

Ignacio Zuloaga

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Chicas de fantasía: Esteban Maroto


Artist: Vicente Segrelles - MercenaryDemon's Isle by Vicente Segrelles from The Mercenary.

Vincent Segrelles

The MERCENARY The Definitive Editions, Vol 4: The Sacrifice

Vicente Segrelles

"The Mercenary" art by Vicente Segrelles.

Actually, this volume is the real birth of The Mercenary. In it, the character is better defined: he is not a super-hero at all, he's an upright and honest ...

Segrelles - El Mercenario (01) - El Pueblo del Fuego Sagrado

The Mercenary (El Mercenario) by Vicente Segrelles

Vicente Segrelles Paintings

Le Mercenaire

The Mercenary is a long-running series from Spanish artist Vincente Segrelles, that had a couple of showings in Heavy Metal in the Bronze Age.


El arte de Vicente Segrelles

Fantasy Art of Vincent Segrelles

Interesting and notable pages from comic books around the world, including manga and european comics. Find this Pin and more on Vicente segrelles ...

Fantasy Art of Vincent Segrelles ::: КРЕАТИВ

At this website, Segrelle provides excerpts from his book Como Pinta Vincente Segrelles (Vincent Segrelle's Art Handbook) on the processes he uses for ...

Vincent Segrelles

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wallflower-trist:Vincente Segrelles

Vicente Segrelles


Scream August with cover art by Vicente Segrelles

malignantlyuseless: The 1975 Nightmare Winter Special / Art by Vicente Segrelles on to xmas

Warren reprinted the story exactly 9 years after its original appearance, in an ALL-Reed Crandall reprint collection. In that time, there had not been any ...

Who doesn't love Space Ghost? I mean, he's got a cool name, a great costume, a pair of annoying kid sidekicks, and a pet monkey in a mask.

Vicente Segrelles | Vicente Segrelles: El Mercenario 3: Las pruebas


... a bad guy and hangs him off a balcony, while telling him, and us, that: I ain't no cop, so I don't have to mess with such nonsense as rights!

Elves, Vol. 3: Jean-Luc Istin, Marc Hadrien, Ma Yi, Kyko Duarte, Saito: 9781683831051: Books

Finally, the gang make it back to Pompeii, and give the only remaining antidote to Claudius, 'cos, y'know, children are the future, and all's well that ends ...

Vincent Segrelles, The Mercenary, Volume 1: The Cult of the Sacred Fire.

El arte de Vicente Segrelles

I think we're literally missing a couple of pages now, so if anyone has any of the gaps, or any of the undialogued pages here dialogued, well, you know what ...

Here's Martin Asbury, from his years on Garth, with a rip-roaring tale where our hulking hero sort of goes a bit James Bond, getting involved with a ...

Cher is back on the charts with 'Woman's World'

It's relentless in a good, skin-crawling way, but it also has a sort of sequel. Anybody remember where they've seen this guy before? No?


Art armor beast artwork mordekaiser hero skies armor, beast, artwork, hero, skies) via www.

1918 Soldados ingleses con máscaras de gas - Vincent Segrelles

draconian62: Unbelievable Gwenpool #19

Plus it's full of classic Cage quotes I'll leave you discover for yourself, but believe me, fans of 'Sweet Sister' & 'Christmas' won't be disappointed.

Driven insane by his new powers, it's safe to say he doesn't immediately go down the hero route.

Here, for instance, we have Ross Andru, Gray Morrow AND Dick Giordano. And isn't Rock And Rose the greatest title ever?

... could Ross & Mike really not think of a Comics Code approved way to draw that panel? This is the only time I recall ever seeing something like this.

This one, by comparison, a more elegiac and mournful piece than it's predecessor How Howie Made It In The Real World. Who says Corben can't do sensitive?

Vicente Segrelles

The Purple Ray_One_cover_small.jpg

Brak The Barbarian was one of many sword & sorcery heroes who got their shot at comic stardom during the Bronze Age. He was the subject of three books by ...

The Bronze Age Of Blogs: Barry Windsor-Smith's Unpublished Thing Graphic Novel

... because here we have a tough hero taking a bunch of bad guys out on a trip to the Lost Worlds, drawn by Dave Gibbons. What's not to love?

Munster-ish family The Creepy Crawleys:

And yet again, proof positive why Batman is the best character ever. Yeah, put me in a wheelchair. That won't stop me for one second.

... probably doesn't come as that much of a surprise, but as Haxtur himself finds out, the destination isn't always as important as the journey.

The final anticipated epic battle also doesn't really take place, but you kind of expect that sort of randomness from a Bill Dubay script, don't you?

There's elements of Ernie Colon in the artwork here, though I'm sure it's not him, but wouldn't a full scale Arabian Knights by Ernie've been great?

While here's Don, protesting a little too much about his age, especially considering the grooviness of his shirt, with greatest title ever Evil Is A Baaaaad ...

... wouldn't be disappointed. And we absolutely were not. Brian Bolland's art was, and still is, breathtaking, and like everybody else, I fell in love at ...

Retro Future, Sci-Fi Girl, Spaceship, Retro-Futuristic, Science Fiction | tío pepe | Pinterest | Spaceship, Sci fi and Cover art

One of the most enduring buddy cop movie partnerships in comics has to be that of Green Lantern & The Flash, even if their friendship got off to a slightly ...

Here's a lost masterpiece, one of the sadly few times the mighty Russ Heath worked for Marvel in the Bronze Age. Here, Russ is obviously, and spectacularly, ...

Well, we can't all be John Buscema can we? For the full effect, read each installment a week apart.

The Super Sons On Father's Day

... but boy, is he pissed off here. Then again, so's Petey, and rightly so. Just in case anybody needed a reminder of why we all love Spidey, and why we all ...

... to Ka-Zar lookalike anti-hero! Acid Rain, Spitting Mutants, Nazi's and Cannibals! Like a lost strip from Creepy or Eerie, this one ticks all the boxes.

El Mercenario de Vicente Segrelles

Nightmare (1970 SkyWald) 2

Gray Morrow's Buck Rogers

And there were other problems. Regarding characterisation: ' Ariel ( for instance ) was supposed to be more sophisticated, and a little bit bitchier, ...

... doesn't really matter, as you're having too much of a good time to care. Besides, I like foreign language strips, it's like watching a subtitled movie.

And here's the wacky wizard in his own, inevitable, Look-In picture strip, with bizarrely, a different supporting cast. Anybody know the artist?

Sabre, like I said, has always felt to me more of a treatise on heroism, than an actual story. Firstly, the setting doesn't quite work. The world of 2020 is ...

Here's his first appearance, alongside the time he had the opportunity to find out what it means to be human, and what a drag it is.

... had seen it back in the day, he'd've kicked himself he hadn't published it in Eerie. Luckily, it's a short series, so you can read the whole thing here.

The Dragon Flight, Stephanie Law

Whatever, I'm here to say The Copperhead coulda' been a contender. He's a character whose appearance has stuck in my head all these years anyway.

Sadly, Gambit doesn't get to do his much-imitated-in-the-playground Nescafe hand move, but you can't have everything, can you?

... drug-addled hedonist goddess Circe, and things get really weird, but let's save that one for later. Here's how Ulysses' journey begins.

... 1976, although Gold Key, much like Charlton & Warren, loved reprinting the same material over and over again, so it's the original premiere issue we'll ...

Milo Manara - Gullivera - Page 24

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meanwhilebackinthedungeon: — Vincente Segrelles ceremony

... check the the two panels on one of the colour pages with Howard & Bev on the park bench. As always with Gerber, it's sad, funny and true, ...

... Burns is up there with Frank Bellamy & Leo Baxendale as legendary British cartoonists, so I'm just gonna keep posting his stuff until he gets some kind ...

Heavy Metal Magazine #115 (March 2008): Heavy Metal Magazine: Amazon.

He would've fit nicely in DC's Sword Of Sorcery actually, had that title lasted any length of time. Here's Zelazny's introduction to his world, followed by ...

art-of-illlustration: “ Vicente Segrelles - Visitors from Space, 1976.

By the 2nd issue, however, Ric's off the medication and things have settled down into a nice, pulpy vibe, with the ridiculousness of it all in full flower ...

It's obviously from the same Spanish school as Romero, but I can't place it. Regardless, this is, as ever from the winsome white witch, gorgeous stuff.

Heavy Metal 282