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The companion Map of the Open Country of a Woman39s Heart and

The companion Map of the Open Country of a Woman39s Heart and


19th-century ideals of womanhood and beauty expressed creatively through vintage cartography: "A Map of the Open Country of a Woman's Heart" D.W. Kellogg ...

The Fortified Country of Man's Heart, c1830s

A Map of the Open Country of a Woman's Heart D. Kellogg, c. This map of a woman's heart tells us much about what the artist and his society believed about ...

Map women's heart crop

Geographical Guide to a Woman's Heart Emphasizing Points of Interest to the Romantic Traveler: illustration by Jo Lowrey for McCall' s Magazine, 1960

Allegorical; Full Title: Geographical Guide to a Man's Heart with Obstacles and Entrances Clearly Marked.

Map of the Open Country of a Woman's Heart and Map of the Fortified Country of a Man's Heart, ostensibly and anonymously drawn “by a lady” and published by ...

Husson's Map of a Woman's Heart Boston Public Library Norman B.

Personalized Map Art, Engagement Gift, Unique Wedding Gift, For Couples, Anniversary, Map Heart Print by ArtPrintsVintage on Etsy ...

Geographical Guide to a Man's Heart with ...


The ...

Publications such as home companions and health manuals proliferated during the era, since much health monitoring and hygiene fell under the purview of the ...

As for the allegorical, two very sentimental maps were published in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: the carte de tendre, a road map to and through ...

Heart rocks

A Memorial Map of Olde Salem

Home is where the heart is.

18th century depiction of the Sacred Heart from the vision of Marguerite Marie Alacoque (1690) Musee du Coeur, Brussels

Map of the Conan Doyles' tour of Africa (1928-1929)

Of course when my son was in 2nd grade he made the heart anatomically correct.

Judges 16

Portland map

and Map of The Open Country of a Woman's Heart published by D.W. Kellogg 1833-1842 (right), via Cup of Meat.

Detained: The dead woman's family reported the Briton to police, blaming her for the

They Would Not Take Me There; People, Places and Stories from

Health-related publications are an area well represented in the library. Soon after its first appearance on the American fashion scene, the now notorious ...


Lovesick, a romantic novel. Commentary on Song of Solomon, Canticles Abishag Shulammite Events: 967 BC. Written 931 BC

Grief Map

In addition to manuals and ephemera, AAS also has texts where the intended audience was the medical establishment and community.

In the tickets collection, we have examples for anatomical lectures engraved with images of the heart.

Prof. Phyllis Chesler

Wearing my heart on my sleeve.


Lead casket enclosing heart.

The French Riviera by Sir John Lavery (left), via Howard Slatkin's IG feed,. and Map of The Open Country of a Woman's Heart ...

A map of the state of Maharashtra on Ballal's office wall.

Read and see more here.

Diet, exercise, and stress were quickly discovered to be culprits for ill heart-health, which gave advertisers a profitable stage to ...

Heart of Darkness

The potico had been moved here by the latest owners of Broadwoodside – Anna and Robert Dalrymple – whose home peeped out from the fieldtop's periphary ...

As well as magazines and home ...

TREBIZOND AND SURROUNDINGS, drawn out on the spot in 1898.

The yellow region north of old York village is more like the setting of the story text.

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Stars: ship expeditions. Full lines: reconnaissance flights. Hatched area: Koch's area of operation 1926–1958. (Adapted from map by Peter Dawes in Forskning ...

Seton's map of Aylmer and Clinton-Colden Lakes; inset: Barren Grounds west of Hudson Bay (Seton, The Arctic Prairies (1911) 229).

Heidi Cochran's


Acme Brick: Symbols on the map show its location along Acme Street, which is not named on the Atlas map. Could it later have been named after Acme Brick or ...

... the Arctic countries ...

Development of railways Maps 35797.(8.)

The pickpocket reaches out toward the woman's open bag, with the map ready as his

Lincoln County Court House

Fourteen people were murdered in just 36 hours in the Mexican city of Cancun

Figure 3. Detail of They Would Not Take Me There

The map sits alongside idealised images of women from the era, similar to

Traveller's Companion or a Delineation of the Turnpike Roads of England and Wales etc. (1812)

European Russia Maps 35872.(16.))

1 Arlor the Elf 2 Amarimon 3 Befed's Lair 4 Shipwright 5 Princess Lorelei 6 Royal Castle / Garbage Bucket 7 Satyros / Smuggler's Shop 8 Underground Lake

Apple Maps


Judges 11

After Jonathan turned around, I concentrated on my ride to make a good time. I passed beautiful country of Maine where I saw a lot of wetland, pond and open ...

The NT News created this handy infographic to deal with any confusion

The USS Maine National Monument at Columbus Circle appears in the woman's video, suggesting it

Bagyr (Orc) Save the wounded Aguzyk - access Shaman's hut. Warn the troll - access Troll's hut. Grumph the innkeeper - access Grumph's Inn

About six months after my son was born, he and I were sitting on a blanket at the park with a close friend and her daughter. It was a sunny summer weekend, ...

Map of the Northwest Territory with detail showing the Ohio Company purchase in what is now Southeast Ohio. CLICK TO ENLARGE. There were no states at the ...

My heart

Boundaries: The Tuareg travel across countries, but it has become harder since the colonialists

1 Penguin 2 Mad Dox 3 Dragon 4 Baraz-Gund entrance -----------------------------------------------------------------

St. Augustine holding a heart in his hand which is set alight by a ray coming from divine Truth (Veritas). Painting by Philippe de Champaigne 1650

7 Tunnel / Tofur's House 8 Carmilla's Dwarf Professor 9 Kiyin the Vigorous 10 J42 -----------------------------------------------------------------


map_parthian_empire_th (161K)

Possibilities: If the claims are right, Earhart and Noonan were more than 850 miles


Romania / Moldova Mission

1 Guardian of the Light 2 Stronghold of Light -----------------------------------------------------------------



Selling Shame: 40 Outrageous Vintage Ads Any Woman Would Find Offensive | Mental Floss

Walking again, snaking over the green green grass and up the concrete ramp. The Court House, basks like a sun fish in the great yellow light of an Indian ...

Fort Jackson from Google Maps

Map of Transylvania. Made in 1532 by Johannes Honterus. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Opening season brochure for Freedomland (Courtesy Freedomland U.S.A./Facebook)

Map of the tribes in the Powhatan Paramount Chiefdom in 1607.

Sketch map of Nicaragua.

“In the “Dunciad,” Pope, lashing the poorer of his enemies, drives them headlong past Bridewell to the mud-pools of the Fleet”— (From The Fleet River and ...

As ...

There's a bag of mangoes in the patient kitchen.

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