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What men needs to know about the MENSTRUAL CYCLE medical

What men needs to know about the MENSTRUAL CYCLE medical


Figure showing the progression of the menstrual cycle and the different hormones contributing to it.

Menstrual cycle

Thyroid disease. >

Your birth control method

The menstrual cycle

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During your period an egg is usually developing, ready for release mid-cycle. The time it takes for an egg to mature within the ovary can vary.

Period, PMS, & Ovulation Symptoms and Pain - Menstrual Cycle Cramps Facts

If repeated home pregnancy tests are negative, you aren't pregnant. If still worried, have a doc do a blood test, the numbers being so high during pregnancy ...

You could develop gum disease.

You're sleep deprived

Did you know? The average woman will have 400 periods in her lifetime? This Menstrual Hygiene Day we bring you 14 facts about menstruation.

You have PCOS

6 Things You Should Know About Having Sex During Your Period

Menstrual Cycle Chart

Considering all the time you spend with your period, it's still

Know your Menstrual Cycle

5 things men need to know about sex during periods

Bodyform advert featuring red liquid for the first time. 'Periods ...

Figure 2: The menstrual cycle and the indicators of fertility

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The CDC estimates 7.3 million people are affected by infertility in the United States. That's roughly 12 percent of the reproductive-age population.

Everything you need to know about taking a pill to delay your period

My Period and Me: A Trans Guy's Guide to Menstruation · Transgendered men & menstruation


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Wondering what the menstrual cycle is, and what it means for you and your body? Understanding your menstrual cycle can improve your menstrual health, ...

Preventing Teen Pregnancy in the US-CDC Vital Signs-April 2011.pdf

You're taking supplements

What You Should Know. 1140x450_yourperiod_girl. Your first period ...

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A man whose instinct is to face the situation rather than avoid it can turn a

Pregnancy test

What are the signs of ovulation? How can you tell when you are most fertile

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Diagram illustrating how the uterus lining builds up and breaks down during the menstrual cycle.

Ovulation calendar

Know Your Nuts: An FAQ on Testicluar Cancer [Infographic] JULY 17, 2013

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with our periods.

How to Make Your Period Come Faster. Posted in Health

When should a couple seek fertility evaluation by Manipal Hospitals - issuu

Female Reproductive System - Menstrual Cycle, Hormones and Regulation - YouTube

Do You Need a Personalized Hydration Plan to Maximize Performance?

Why do I have two periods in a month? While occasional changes in the menstrual cycle are not unusual, frequently experiencing two periods in a month may ...

Ovulation graphic

What are menstruation, periods, and PMS?

Amenorrhea is the lack of a menstrual period. For most women who are sexually active, not having a menstrual period for a month could mean pregnancy.

Menstruation is natural, but for it to cause extreme pain isn't.

Firstly Know About 28 days of the Menstrual Cycle.

Do women develop hemochromatosis symptoms later than men because they shed excess iron during their menstrual cycles? Learn the facts about hemochromatosis ...

doctor discussing menstrual cycle with patient

Picture of the female reproductive system

The Surprising Truth About Your Pituitary and Thyroid Disease Dr.

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Vagina 101: can you pass this anatomy quiz?

Young woman feeling unwell in bed

diary to record missed periods

4 reasons why you might miss your period that aren't pregnancy | The Independent

Chance of fertilization by menstrual cycle day relative to ovulation.


You should have regular periods unless you are pregnant, breastfeeding, postmenopausal, or have a medical condition that causes your periods to ...

what does estrogen do?

... 13. Management of Menorrhagia MEDICAL ...

Can Men Get Periods?

Nine causes of white particles in urine In this article, learn about the possible causes of white particles in urine for both men and women, including UTIs, ...

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Disposable menstrual products

The Menstrual Cycle

Period, PMS, & Ovulation Symptoms and Pain - Menstrual Cycle Cramps Facts



[woman with menstrual discomfort]

Is it safe to have sex during menstruation? Many people wonder if having sex during menstruation has side effects. There is no health-related reason to ...

Anovulation: All you need to know Anovulation is when a woman does not ovulate. Periods may become irregular or absent. In this article, we look at symptoms ...

What helps period cramps?

In my many successful pregnancy cases I realised that about one-third of the causes of infertility were due to an irregular period.


Negative pregnancy test

Why do women live longer than men?

Day 18 menstrual cycle

Graphic showing the female reproductive system.

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